CBE gets ISO accreditation in business continuity management

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has been awarded “ISO” 22301:2019 Certification in Business Continuity Management (BCM) from MSECB, a leading provider of quality certification and branding in the Middle East and North Africa region, according to a statement issued by the bank on Saturday 20/05/2023.

The certification was awarded in recognition of CBE efforts to ensure the continuity of all its critical banking activities during the times of crises and emergencies to preserve banking stability and enhance markets’ confidence in the bank’s ability to fulfill its local and international commitments.

The certification reflects the magnitude of the achievement made by the Central Bank in the field of business continuity, starting from analysis and measurement operations to the design, implementation, and development of a business continuity management system.

This includes preparing emergency plans, equipping alternative premises, conducting regular tests to verify their effectiveness, and providing training to relevant employees on the latest international standards and practices to ensure the timely resumption or recovery of all essential operations and activities in case of emergencies.

It also encompasses the protection of human resources and assets to preserve the role and reputation of the Egyptian Central Bank both domestically and internationally.

The adoption of ISO 22301 standards demonstrates CBE’s readiness and responsiveness to overcome any unexpected crisis that may occur at any time to ensure the continuity of CBE’s critical role.

The ISO 22301 quality certification is the international standard for business continuity management in organizations, following the latest international approaches and practices in this field. It ensures the identification and management of existing and potential risks that may negatively impact business operations during emergencies.

The certification was granted by MSECB in collaboration with Afaq Integrated Solutions, which holds the rights to conduct numerous certification audits for quality management standards across various industries and business fields.

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