CBC releases nightly Ramadan series schedule

Tuesday witnessed not only the beginning of Ramadan, but also the beginning of the numerous beloved Ramadan TV series that so many tune in to each night after iftar.

Timings for the 2021 Ramadan series on Egypt’s CBC channel are as follows:

– 6:30 pm: “Kol Ma Neftere” (Every Time We Separate), starring Reham Haggag

– 7:45 pm “Harb Ahleya” (Civil War), starring Youssra

– 9 pm: “Elli Maloush Kebir” starring Yasmine Abdel Aziz

– 10:15 pm: “Ded al-Kasr” (Anti-Fracture) starring Nelly Karim

– 11:30 pm: “Cairo Kabul” starring Tarek Lotfy, Hanan Mutawa, and Khaled al-Sawy

The MBC Masr network also announced its Ramadan series schedule on Tuesday.

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