Cathedral attack investigators fail to charge perpetrators as yet

A fact-finding mission tasked with investigating the attack on St. Marks' Coptic Orthodox Cathedral has not identified any of the perpetrators as yet. 
In a report released Tuesday, members of the mission said no one has been charged with inciting violence during the Abbasseya clashes earlier this month, despite the fact that 45 cases have been filed with the Public Prosecution. 
The report included the testimony of Makari Habib, Pope Tawadros II's secretary, who accused the Interior Ministry of being "slow" in securing the cathedral.
He added that adequate forces to protect the cathedral should have been provided.
The report revealed Habib's dismay at the events and the ongoing attacks on Christians, which threaten the stability of Egypt. 
Habib also criticized the president's office and held it responsible for the events. He accused the office of having double standards since the Interior Ministry had protected the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in Moqattam. 
In addition, the report noted that the Interior Ministry had failed to provide the committee with certain facts about the events as well as complete documentation on the incident. 
Testimony from the chief prosecutor of al-Wayeli district read: "After we arrived at the cathedral, and once the doors were opened, we witnessed more than 3,000 people within who shouted: Get out. The prosecutor tried to stop them and hear their  testimonies. Some said they were surprised by thugs attacking and taking shelter with security forces. All this without the intervention of the police to protect them.”
"When we listened to the testimony of Abbasseya residents they said once Christians left the church funeral, they attacked the property of residents and Muslims, and the police did not interfere. This angered residents, prompting them to try to curb the violence," the prosecutor said.
The report added that owners of shops in front of the cathedral said they had witnessed strangers from outside the district assaulting Christians in the cathedral.
The West Cairo Prosecution ordered arrest of 10 people suspected of involvement in the violent clashes, according to state news agency MENA.
The suspects will be detained for four days, pending investigations into charges on assaulting police, thuggery, arms possession and damaging property.
The suspects, six of whom have criminal records, have denied all charges.

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