CAO head: Corruption at state institutions estimated at LE200 billion

The Central Auditing Organization estimated the cost last year of corruption in government institutions at LE200 billion, according to Hisham Geneina, head of the CAO in an interview with the Egyptian Satellite Channel.
The Cabinet gave the CAO access to all documents related to the various state institutions to disclose aspects of financial and administrative corruption and to prepare reports about the impact of the phenomenon on the public as well as how to address it, he added. The reports will be submitted to Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb, he said.
The CAO formed a committee two days ago to prepare reports about the Spinning and Weaving Company in two weeks, Geneina mentioned. The organization monitors the state institutions financially after they have received their budgets from the Finance Ministry. It has a subsequent oversight on institutions, contrary to the Finance Ministry which has a prior oversight, he added.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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