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Cancellation of Travis Scott concert is final: Organizers

The company organizing US rapper Travis Scott’s concert issued a statement officially confirming the event has been canceled, the spokesperson for the Syndicate of Musical Professions Mohamed Abdullah exclusively told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

Scott’s ‘Utopia’ concert was originally scheduled for Friday, July 28  at the pyramids area in Giza.

Abdullah added that the company organizing the concert paid LE300,000 to obtain permits, which will be refunded following the cancellation.

The issue for organizing companies is mere business but the Syndicate of Musical Professions does not only look at money, he said, adding that the Syndicate of Musical Professions put in consideration the public when taking the decision.

According to Abdullah the decision was made following deaths that took place in Travis Scott’s previous concerts.

The Syndicate has the right to cancel the concert, he said, adding that, “The syndicate is strong, and we cared for the audience (to prevent) any error that might occur at the concert.”

“The syndicate is not against tourism, but against any party that poses a threat to the lives of Egyptians,” he stressed, noting that Jennifer Lopez had earlier held a very successful concert in Egypt.

Another concert is scheduled for October 26-29 for the Palm Tree Music Festival, featuring two Norwegian and Dutch famous DJs.

The company organizing Travis Scott’s concert apologized to the international artist’s fans, who had booked all the tickets immediately after they were shown on the company’s website.

The organizing company added in an official statement that it tried various ways to hold the concert, which was scheduled to be one of the largest entertainment shows in the Middle East, but faced difficulties leading to its cancellation.

The statement assured that the concert’s tickets will be refunded to fans.

Controversy broke out on social media as many accused Scott of holding masonic practices during his concerts, which he denied in a statement.

Travis Scott’s team visited Cairo a week ago to conduct the necessary procedures for entering the pyramids area, which needed ten full days to be obtained, but the necessary permits were not obtained in the end, the executive officer of the company organizing the concert Mohamed Serag, said.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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