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Canceling Travis Scott concert to cost Egypt LE300 mln, says organizing company

The company authorized to organize US rapper Travis Scott’s concert, Ticketsmarche, said that the size of the initial losses of canceling the concert amounts to approximately LE 300 million directly.

The company’s managing director and CEO Mohamed Serag added that he isn’t sure Scott’s concert could still be held while there is only five days before its scheduled date, as the equipment and the foreign team accompanying Scott – who are already in Egypt – were not allowed to enter the pyramids area.

He said that the preparations were supposed to start on July 20, and at the time, no one had informed him of the cancellation.

Serag added that until now it is still not possible to obtain a permit to enter the pyramids area.

However he remained hopeful that the efforts of the Tourism Ministry will bear fruit and allow Scott’s team to enter and began preparations.

If the concert goes through, Serag explained it would be broadcast live to about 200 million people, which would be an unprecedented promotion for the pyramids area and Egyptian tourism.

Serag added that about 4,000 confirmed tickets have been booked by foreigners coming, each of whom will stay for at least a week, which means 28,000 nights in Egyptian hotels, all of which will be in foreign currency, which could constitute great profits for the tourism sector in Egypt.

He said that there will be no problem in refunding the tickets booked in the event of the cancellation of the concert, and all the money, which amounts to millions of pounds, will be returned.

Serag noted that his company has agreed on 10 concerts of the same strength as Scott’s concert for international singers in Egypt during the coming period.

He said that this is unlikely to take place if Scott’s concert is canceled, as they will have to issue a statement explaining the reasons for the cancellation. This may trigger the cancellation of many important global events to organize inside Egypt, especially since the matter is being followed by the large audience of the famous international rapper, Serag warned.


Egypt cancels controversial concert

The Musical Professions Syndicate on Monday evening announced the cancellation of Scott’s concert.

In an official statement it cited its concerns over ‘strange rituals’ performed at Scott’s concerts, which they called inconsistent with Egyptian values.

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