Cairo won’t punish Burundi for signing Nile pact

Assistant Foreign Minister for African Affairs Mona Omar denied that Egypt would take punitive measures against Burundi after the country recently joined Nile Basin countries in signing an agreement to reallocate water resources. 

The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI), concluded in Entebbe last year, and now ratified by six countries including Burundi, seeks to change long-standing colonial-era agreements that grant Egypt and Sudan rights to the river's flow.

Omar stressed in her statements to state media that Egypt adheres to its policies based on negotiating to reach a compromise without harming the interests of Nile Basin countries.

Egypt believes in the importance of improving relations with the basin states and will not resort to punitive measures, added Omar.

As an example, Omar cited Egypt's dealings with other countries, including Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia, that also signed the NBI. She said Egypt took steps toward establishing projects that meet the interest of all parties involved.

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