Cairo governorate mulls return of the yellow cab

Cairo governorate is considering restarting Cairo’s defunct yellow cab project, which started in 2006 when former Cairo Governor Abdel Azeem Wazeer was in office.
Cairo Cab and City Cab companies then stopped working few years ago due to debts.
Major General Mohamed Ayman Abdel Tawwab, deputy Cairo governor, said on Sunday that the project is still being mulled adding that taxi and minibus might be included within the project.
The yellow cab will be provided with GPS service, surveillance camera and another service to inquire about places to facilitate transfer of the commuters.
The amount of tariff will be identified, Abdel Tawwab added. There will be main stops and parking. There will be a phone number to request the nearest vehicle to the commuter.
The minibus will serve larger number of commuters like families or official delegations. These vehicles will of the best brands to add the luxury.
The yellow cab projects started with 150 cars in 2006 to serve Cairo, Giza and Qalyoubia. It then reached to 6 October and Helwan before the two cities were included within Cairo and Giza. There should have been new bids to reoperate them when former Cairo Governor Abdel Qawy Khalifa was in office, however, security disturbance prevented them.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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