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Cairo authorities arrest suspect serial killer in Fifth Settlement

Egyptian security sources on Tuesday revealed further details into the arrest of “Karim,” 36, accused of killing three women inside a residential apartment in a famous compound in the Fifth Settlement, Cairo.

Authorities found several main pieces of evidence that led security to the suspect’s arrest – including the itinerary of his car, his mobile phone, and his travel bag.

The sources said that the security services reached the suspect by examining his itinerary, his luxury car, and the CCTV cameras recordings in the compound where he lives, as well as the CCTV cameras on Ismailia-Port Said Desert Road, where he dumped the bodies of the victims, in addition to the fingerprint found on the victims’ clothes, and examined his mobile phone and the travel bag he used to transport bodies.


Tracking a killer

According to the sources, investigations monitored the suspect’s movement at the same time as when the bodies of the first and second victims were found on the Ismailia-Port Said Desert Road.

He was monitored more than four times on his way to Port Said/ Cairo on May 15 and April 13 after comparing footage from the CCTV cameras on the roads to the cameras of the compound.

The cameras showed him descending from his apartment with the travel bag used to transport the corpses both times.

The sources indicated that the strongest evidence was the seizure of the accused’s phone and laptop, where they noted that the suspect had deleted all records of photos and video clips on the phone and laptop.

A specialized team from the Information Technology Department was able to recover the suspect’s data, which confirmed he was recording his crimes.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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