Cabinet approves Egypt’s plan to tackle climate change

The Cabinet approved the Environment Ministry's plan to face climate change that will be featured in November's Paris conference on climate change, said Environment Minister Khaled Fahmy.
The prime minister asked for amendments to the plan before it was approved unanimously by the Cabinet, Fahmy told state-run news agency MENA.
The plan on climate change includes resorting to renewable energy projects, agricultural projects to increase cultivated area and other projects that would reduce the effects of climate change.
Ayman Abu Hadid, head of the Agriculture Ministry’s Information Center for Climate Change and Renewable Energy, said in a statement on Tuesday that Egypt is most vulnerable to climate change, particularly with regard to threats of rising sea levels in the Nile Delta.
Secretary of the Arab Environmental Experts Association, Magdy Allam, warned Monday of expected earthquakes in the Mediterranean Sea which may result in tsunamis affecting Egypt.
Some coastal areas, particularly in the Delta, are already being threatened with rising water due to climate change, said Allam. Climate change will continue to affect parts of the north Delta, as well as the area between Salloum and Alexandria, known as the North Coast.

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