Butane gas canisters to be sold by coupon as of January

Starting in January, butane gas canisters will be sold to the public via coupon, Social Solidarity Minister Ali al-Meselhi announced at a meeting of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) on Sunday.

According to the minister, the coupon system would be facilitated by the use of new electronic ration cards to ensure that the subsidized commodity would not be hoarded for resale on the black market.

“The coupon system will guarantee that butane canisters go to those who deserve them,” he said.

At Sunday's meeting, Al-Meselhi also addressed a new NGO draft law, which has been the subject of wide controversy among ruling party officials. While some NDP officials are reportedly in favor of allowing NGOs to freely apply for foreign financial aid, others have called for restricting the practice.

“Both views have been accommodated in the bill that we plan to submit to parliament,” Al-Meselhi said.

The minister went on to point out that the government had taken inflation into consideration when setting pensions and subsidies on certain vital commodities, such as butane and bread.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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