Brotherhood’s Misr25 channel to begin preaching group’s ideology

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party has decided to orient its satellite channel, Misr25, toward preaching the group’s ideology to the Egyptian public.

The meeting also decided that a news channel would be established to replace Misr25’s news coverage, according to an anonymous source within the Brotherhood who preferred to remain anonymous.

The decisions were made during a meeting of the FJP’s general secretariat, which was also attended by FJP and Brotherhood journalists and the Misr25 channel board, including its chairman, former MP Amr Zaki. The meeting was held to discuss ways to develop the Brotherhood’s media outreach and develop the group’s media professionals.

Some Brotherhood journalists suggested having prominent journalists, such as Wadah Khanfar, former director general of Al Jazeera, and Azzam al-Tamimi, director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, to run the proposed news channel, said the Brotherhood source. He added that the channel would be established by a Brotherhood businessman and independent of the group’s ideology or censorship.

The meeting also considered approaching businessmen who believe in the Brotherhood’s message about developing new media outlets to compete with those that are against the Islamic project.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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