Brotherhood ready to burn the country, says Tagammu Party chief

Leftist Tagammu Party chief Refaat al-Saeed severely criticized the Muslim Brotherhood, saying they are ready to burn the country for their own interests.

“We warn citizens that the Muslim Brotherhood are ready to burn the whole country to protect themselves from the huge failure that awaits them during the coming elections, defending their narrow party interests, even if they contradict the interests of the people and the country,” Saeed was quoted by the Egyptian state TV website as saying Tuesday.

Saeed also called the performance of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party MPs “bad,” saying they launched impolite criticism against the Presidential Elections Commission and questioned its integrity during Monday’s parliamentary session.

Remarks made by the MPs during a parliamentary debate Monday prompted the commission to suspend its activities just two weeks before presidential election is set to begin. Lawmakers criticized the election panel of senior judges, some of whom oversaw Mubarak-era elections marred by allegations of fraud and poll rigging.

Saeed also decried what he called Parliament’s rush to pass laws. 

The Brotherhood feels people are no longer supporting them due to their poor performance and because they discovered that their presidential candidate, Mohamed Morsy, has no chance to win or even reach the run-offs, Saeed claimed. He said they are crudely trying to hamper the elections or find ways to challenge the results.

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