Brotherhood protests continue in governorates

Muslim Brotherhood supporters protested at a number of governorates in response to calls by the pro-Mohamed Morsy National Alliance to Support Legitimacy for a fresh week of demonstrations.
In Daqahlia, police at Minyat al-Nasr township arrested two suspects wanted for their involvement in earlier protests. The forces chased dozens in Mansoura after a protest in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.
Police and Morsy backers clashed in Fayoum after Friday prayers, with one passing-by woman wounded with a BB shot. Protesters in Fayoum chanted anti-army and police slogans, causing a traffic jam in the Hadqa region. Police dispersed the demonstrators with tear gas after some hurled stones at security forces. A woman was injured in the hand and legs after being hit with bird shot.
Other protests were also staged in Shariqya, with protesters also hoisting banners of Morsy and Palestinian deaths in Gaza.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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