Egypt Independent

Brotherhood protests are useless: Jihad Movement leader

Islamic Jihad Movement leader Magdy Zaky told Egypt Independent
Tuesday that the Muslim Brotherhood protests were useless and most likely self-destructive as long as they remained peaceful.
Zaky said peaceful protests have left behind widows, orphans and bereaved women.  
Zaky added that the Muslim Brotherhood thinks it might be able to overthrow the current political regime within a year, as secularists, liberals and Christians overthrew toppled President Mohamed Morsy after one year of his rule.
He also stressed that the killing of police and military officers is against Islam.
The Jihad Movement fought authorities in the 1980s and 1990s causing great damage to the Islamic movement and was defeated in the end, Zaky continued.
The movement does not participate in the demonstrations of the Muslim Brotherhood, but rather focuses on teaching people their religion because we have become weaker and an Islamic state could be only set up through teaching people their religion.