Brotherhood: Parliament majority won’t draft constitution alone

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest political group, on Monday sought to allay liberal and secular groups' fears of Islamist domination over drafting the next constitution.

"Constitutions are not drafted by a single group, even by a parliamentary majority," the website of the group's political arm, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), quoted the Brotherhood's spokesperson, Mahmoud Ghazlan, as saying on Monday.

Ghazlan gave the statements in an interview on Sunday with the state-run Egypt Space Channel (ESC).

"All social stripes take should part in writing the constitution," Ghazlan told the satellite channel. "Members of the constituent assembly should represent all parts of society, not only a majority."

He said the FJP is not yet sure whether it will form the new government. Ghazlan added that the constitutional declaration does not task the parliamentary majority with forming the government, and that the elected president is empowered to appoint the cabinet.

"We’re part of a popular alliance, [The Democratic Alliance for Egypt], which comprises more than ten parties. So, we’re not alone, and when it comes to forming the new government, a national alliance will be established in order to ensure agreement on how it is formed.”

On Friday , an advisory council official appointed by the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), said members of Egypt's new parliament will not take part in writing the country's constitution.

The new MPs' role will be limited to approving the selection of members of the constituent assembly, Mohamed Abdel Meguid Borghosh said in an interview aired Friday on al-Hurra satellite channel.

Liberal and secular forces fear that Islamist parties will dictate the constitution in light of their recent successes in People's Assembly elections, which kicked off on 28 November.

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