Brotherhood looks toward run-offs after dismal electoral performance

The Muslim Brotherhood on Tuesday announced that 27 of its candidates will participate in the 5 December parliamentary run-off vote.

After failing to win a single seat outright in Sunday's election, the Brotherhood and other opposition movements are accusing the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) of electoral fraud.

MB official spokesperson and member of the Guidance Bureau Mohamed Morsi said Brotherhood candidates will vie for 27 seats in addition to one more seat in the women's quota division for the Kafr al-Sheikh district.

The Brotherhood will compete for the professionals seat in Sahel district and the department number one district. They will also vie for the workers seat in Masr al-Qadeema, Marg, Nozha and Sharabeya districts. In the Zawaya al-Hamraa district, the group will run candidates for both the professionals and workers seats.

In Beni Sueif, the group will vie for the professionals seat in the Wasty district as well as the Beba and Nasser districts workers seats.

The Brotherhood will also seek professionals seats in Zagazig, Sharqiya district, Karmouz, Alexandria district, and Damanhour and Zawyet Ghazal districts in Beheria. They will compete for the professionals seat in Kafr Desouq in Kafr al-Sheikh and Damietta, and vie for the workers seat in the districts of Helwan, Haram in Giza, Mansoura in Daqahliya, and Qousiya in Assuit.

In Menoufiya, the Brotherhood will seek the professionals seat in Ashmoon and Bandar Shebeen districts and the workers seat in Shohadaa and Banatoun.

In Gharbiya, the group will compete for the worker's seat in Tanta and Qatour and the professionals seat in Nahtay and Bassyoun.

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