Britain’s new ambassador arrives in Egypt

James Watt, Britain's new ambassador to Egypt, who recently replaced Dominic Asquith, arrived in Egypt Thursday and provided a copy of his credentials to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The current period is a historical period for Egypt and the region as the process of transforming Egypt into a democratic state can become a model for many other countries in the region,” read a statement released by the British Embassy in Cairo on Thursday.

Watt added that Britain has a long history of strong common interests with Egypt, will remain an active partner, and will provide effective assistance and aid for Egypt while reinstating its former leadership role in the region.

According to the statement, Watt has worked in the British diplomatic corps since 1977. He served as first secretary at the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi from 1980 until 1983, before joining the United Kingdom Mission to the United Nations where he served Middle Eastern and peacekeeping affairs in the UN Security Council.

Watt was appointed deputy head of the UK's United Nations Department and head of the Human Rights Unit in 1989, then became deputy head of the mission at the British Embassy in Amman in 1992, followed by vice president of the High Commission in Pakistan in 1996.

Watt was researching from 1998 to 1999 while studying at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, after which he became general secretary of the UK's Royal Bureau of Consular Affairs.

He was appointed ambassador to Lebanon in 2003 and ambassador to Jordan in 2006.


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