Boy killed in gunfight between two families in Minya

A boy was killed during a gunfight between two families in Minya over a financial dispute.
Mohamed Ahmed Hussein, 15, a student from the village of Sheikh Mubarak died after receiving a gunshot to the neck during the altercation. Local prosecution has taken over the investigation of the incident.
In related news, an armed forces soldier in the village of Dalga was shot accidentally a by local policeman while patrolling the area.
Medical sources said that the soldier named Yasser Abouel Qassem, 21, suffered a superficial wound in his right arm.
The police officer, from Mallawy Police Station, discharged his firearm by mistake, shooting Abouel Qassem while he was combing Dalga village, the medical source added.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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