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Both sides are “woefully disconnected” from children’s suffering in Gaza, UNICEF official says

A UNICEF official said Monday that warnings about children dying in Gaza are falling on deaf ears.

Speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Elder said he has seen “so many children with amputations” and “children with head wounds, with terrible burns, not being able to get the medical attention because we’ve seen the systematic devastation.”

“It’s just no place for children,” Elder said about the entire Gaza Strip.

Israel has announced a “tactical pause” of military activity along a route in southern Gaza to allow aid to be distributed.

Elder said that while “any pause in bombing anywhere on the Gaza Strip that will protect children is good news,” he said the “tactical pause” aimed at allowing more aid trucks into the enclave has not led to any improvements yet.

Elder said the problem is larger than just the area that is under the pause and called for more crossings to be opened. Agencies also need to then be able to deliver the aid safely across Gaza, he said.

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