Booking rates at Alexandria hotels rise up to 92 percent

Booking rates for Alexandria hotels have increased to 92 percent, compared to 100 percent full occupancy rates at the northern coasts, the Chairperson of the Alexandria Chamber of Tourism Ali al-Mansterly announced Saturday.

Holidaymakers prefer staying at expensive establishments as they feel safer with hotels that have coronavirus precautionary measures in place, he explained.

Mansterly anticipates this turn out to continue increasing even after the end of Eid al-Adha, as coronavirus cases are decreasing nationwide.

Hotels will raise their occupation capacity to 75 percent in the coming days compared to 50 percent in July, he pointed out.

Very few hotel rooms and suites remained unbooked in Alexandria or the northern coasts, he added.

Manesterly previously said that the rate of hotel reservations in Alexandria has been about 70 percent of the allowed capacity, while hotels on Egypt’s North Coast have been booked at 95 percent of the allowed capacity.

In statements made to Al-Masry Al-Youm, Manesterly said that bookings in 25 hotels in Alexandria and on the North Coast have reached 80 percent of the allowed capacity.

He indicated that the reason for the high occupancy rate is due to the fact that the Eid holiday this year coincides with the height of the summer season.

The Red Sea Governorate announced that it is fully prepared to receive visitors, and has tightened security measures at its airport, in tourist resorts, hotels, and on main roads. It has also secured public and private beaches, increased the number of lifeguards, and deployed a large number of radar devices on roads around the clock to reduce speeding violations in order to preserve the safety of citizens.

The Ministries of Health and Tourism decided to send inspection committees to resorts and hotels to ensure that precautionary measures to confront the coronavirus are followed, to check on services provided to guests, and to inspect the quality of food and beverages.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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