Body found near Israeli border in Sinai

Workers at a hospital in North Sinai on Monday found the body of someone officials believe is an African migrant – the second such finding in a week, an Egyptian medical source said.

The workers at Sheikh Zoweid Central Hospital found the body in the hospital's yard, the source said, adding there was no identification with the body.

"The body was located at the same place where another one was found near the hospital's internal fence on 18 May," the source said.

Workers believe the body is an African migrant who wanted to enter Israel. They estimated he was 30.

Some African migrants have tried to enter Israel illegally to find employment because of the country's strong economy. Israel built a wall across its border with Egypt to try to stem illegal immigration.

Israel has estimated that 10,000 African migrants have entered its borders through Egypt during the past few years.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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