Bibliotheca Alexandria organizes virtual lecture on heritage

The Bibliotheca Alexandria Cultural Communication Sector is organizing a virtual lecture via Zoom on Egyptian heritage, in cooperation with the Fourth Floor group.

Titled, “Turathna” (Our Heritage), the lecture touches on how to preserve Egypt’s heritage. A simplified explanation will also be provided regarding the Alexandria Bibliotheca’s Antiquities and Manuscripts museums, which discusses how manuscripts are restored and the museum’s most prominent archaeological artifacts, in addition to a tour inside the library’s Sennari Archaeological House.

The role of the Fourth Floor team in heritage preservation will also be highlighted.

The lecture falls within the framework of Bibliotheca Alexandria Fourth Floor group’s desires to preserve manuscripts on Egyptian landmarks, aiming to make knowledge and culture more freely available while enhancing intellectual awareness among citizens, especially for specialists in architectural heritage and those interested in Egypt’s modern history.

The Fourth Floor is comprised of a group of architects who seek to add a deeper level of understanding to street artists, and raise societal cultural awareness through events that shed light on Egypt’s heritage

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