In battle over slogan, Brotherhood threatens to sabotage elections

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party has threatened to countermand upcoming parliamentary elections if any of its candidates are barred from using the slogan "Islam is the Solution" in their campaigns.

“We’ll sabotage the elections if that happens,” said party executive committee member Azab Mostafa, contending that the slogan was approved by the Supreme Administrative Court.  “And we’ll take the matter to the courts.”

On Monday, the High Elections Committee said no religious slogans would be allowed in the campaigns.

Meanwhile, the Sufi parties have severely criticized the Salafis for statements made by Adel Afify, president of the Asala Party, who claimed that there are six million Salafis in Egypt.

“There are no more than two million,” said Mostafa Ali Zayed, coordinator of the Sufi Orders Coalition, adding that there are 15 million Sufis in Egypt who would defeat the Salafis in the elections.

For his part, Nader Bakar, member of the Nour Party’s executive committee, said the Salafis would compete for over 99 percent of parliamentary seats.

In related news, the Muslim Brotherhood received on Tuesday a delegation of the US NGO Freedom House, as well as assistants to congressmen at its headquarters in Moqattam.

Group spokesman Mahmoud Ghazlan said the members of the delegation said “they learned many things about Islam that they didn’t know before” after they met with the group.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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