Bathroom surveillance case referred to investigation: university head

President of Alexandria University Essam al-Kurdy said on Tuesday that the incident of installing surveillance cameras inside the bathrooms of the pharmacy faculty was referred to a professor in the law faculty for investigation over infringement of the students’ personal freedom.

Kurdy pointed out that the incident “is unacceptable even if the cameras are off and disconnected from wires. It is an irresponsible measure and an infringement against privacy.”

Kurdy clarified that he ordered to remove the cameras from the bathrooms as they raise doubts among users of the bathrooms including students and faculty staff.

The cameras had to be installed in the corridors leading to the bathrooms to monitor robbery cases, he suggested.

Kurdy asked the faculties’ deans to take into consideration privacy of students and employees.

Students had been angry at the Faculty of Pharmacy after the university administration announced it had installed surveillance cameras to monitor robbery cases in the bath rooms.

The students rejected the university’s measure as being an infringement to the students’ personal freedom and against the law.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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