Azhar condemns banning Angolan Muslims from practising rituals

Al-Azhar strongly condemned the banning of Muslims in Angola from practising their religious traditions and expressed concern over news circulated by media over the potential banning of Islam by Angolan authorities in the country, as well as the demolishing of a mosque in the capital city of Luanda.
In a statement on Tuesday, al-Azhar called on the Angolan government to clarify the issue as well as its stance. It also urged dealing reasonably and avoiding reactions that could make the situation more complicated.
Al-Azhar called on Muslims in Angola to be advocates of peace and security and also called on Islamic organizations, especially the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), to send fact-finding committee in order to assess the situation of Muslims there and to inform the Angolan government on Islam and its calls for coexistence, tolerance and avoiding violence and extremism.
Al-Azhar expressed hope that the circulated news would prove to be false, as they “violate religious freedoms, the basest human rights, and principles of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.” It also hoped that Angolan people would live together peacefully and avoid all attempts of sectarianism and discrimination.
Edited translation from MENA

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