Ayman Nour calls on party supporters to strike

Presidential hopeful Ayman Nour, the Ghad Party chief, called on party members and supporters to protest until the revolution’s demands are met.

In a press conference late on Saturday, Nour called on the ruling Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) to meet the people’s demands.

The party’s leaders decided to form a committee presided over by Morsi al-Sheikh. It will submit a request to the Supreme Judiciary Council to cancel the ban on taking photos of former regime figures.

Sheikh added that all media outlets should attend corrupt former regime figures' court sessions, in order to reassure the people.

In other news, Nour announced that he had gathered 5105 signatures supporting the establishment of a new party called Ghad Coalition. It will be submitted to the Party Affairs Committee on Saturday. 

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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