Ayman Nour calls on Egyptians to donate alms to presidential candidates

Ayman Nour, a likely presidential candidate and chairman of Ghad, Egypt's most prominent liberal opposition party, called on Egyptians to donate their annual zakat (alms) to presidential candidates.

"It is permissible to give zakat to the presidential candidates, and Egyptians must support the candidates with their zakat money,” said Nour at a symposium in Giza on Wednesday. “This is permissible to prevent the president from being imposed on us by the West’s money."

Nour went on to say that the path of political reform in Egypt remains unclear.

None of the potential candidates for the elections tentatively slated for late this year has announced how they plan to finance their campaigns.

Another presidential hopeful, Amr Moussa, refused on Tuesday to answer a question concerning funding sources for his campaign. Moussa is considered the potential candidate with the most active campaign. He toured Upper Egypt last month and is currently visiting France.

Nour reiterated his demands for drafting a new constitution prior to elections. He questioned how parliamentary and presidential elections could be held prior to the constitutional declaration, which would define the founding principles of the nation and electoral system.

Nour added that "the decision-making process is not clear because the president must be chosen in accordance with the constitution."

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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