Authorities arrest businessman accused in corruption case

Egyptian security on Monday announced it arrested businessman Amr Mansy, accused of involvement in corruption cases.

Sources said security services arrested Mansy in Ismailia. His case is associated with that of former Agriculture Minister Amin Abaza and others.

Abaza faces charges of squandering public money and helping businessmen profit illegally by selling them state-owned land at very low prices.

News outlets report that Mansy is accused of seizing state-owned land and funds amounting to about LE35 million.

Prosecutors accuse Abaza, Mansy and another businessman, Mohamed Abul Enein, of seizing state lands at low prices and abusing Abaza's powers as minister to approve the land contracts.

However, Mansy is accused of seizing state lands by direct selling, which violates a law that states Sinai land should be sold by usufruct, not direct selling.

In February, the attorney general froze the assets of Abaza, his wife and three children; Abul Enein and his son; and Mansy and his wife.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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