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Central Sinai, the great treasure

The United States acknowledges that the east-west railroad network marked the beginning of the development of the Midwestern United States,...

Abbas al-Tarabely AbbasalTarabely 6 months ago

America’s finger in the pie regarding the GERD

For a history lesson: look up America’s finger in the pie regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dame (GERD), in light...

Abbas al-Tarabely AbbasalTarabely 7 months ago

Iran's scheme to drain Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Please, do not take the threats of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to close the Strait of Hormuz to Arab oil...

Abbas al-Tarabely AbbasalTarabely 1 year ago

What does Sudan’s President Bashir want?

From time to time, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir utters something that stirs woes and blow up the case again… This...

Abbas al-Tarabely AbbasalTarabely 2 years ago

Agreements and historical rights in the Nile

It is the right of any Egyptian to speak, and write, about the Nile River, because that is his right...

Abbas al-Tarabely AbbasalTarabely 3 years ago