Assad’s supporters, opponents clash outside Cairo embassy

Opponents and supporters of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad clashed on Sunday outside the Syrian Embassy in Cairo.

The violence started when an Assad supporter violated the area where the opponents protested. "Long live Bashar," the man shouted, before anti-Assad demonstrators beat him and forced him to leave.

Some Assad opponents protected several pro-regime demonstrators from assaults by fellow Assad opponents.

Police and army forces cordoned off the embassy, erecting metal barricades between the two protests.

Nearly 250 Syrian anti-regime protestors started demonstrating on Sunday morning to denounce the killing of civilians by Syrian regime forces. They also condemned the passive stance of the Arab League toward the situation in Syria.

Around 3000 civilians have been killed in the crackdown on the pro-democracy protests that began in March.

The bloody campaign has drawn wide international condemnation and several international calls to stop the killings.

The protesters have demanded that a no-fly zone be imposed in Syria, as well as the dismissal of the Syrian ambassador in Cairo and the freezing of Syria's Arab League membership.

Assad's backers, meanwhile, put up a small stage at the embassy's entrance and danced to nationalist songs glorifying their president and chanting slogans praising Russia and China for vetoing a UN resolution against Syria.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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