Asmaa Mahfouz appeals against ‘vengeful’ complaint, court postpones trial to 17 April

The Ain Shams Misdemeanor Court on Wednesday postponed the trial of Asmaa Mahfouz, an activist accused of assaulting a citizen, to 17 April.

Mahfouz was sentenced in absentia to one year in prison and fined LE2,000 for physically assaulting one of the witnesses in the Maspero case, the incident in which 27 mostly-Coptic protestors were killed when the army brutally dispersed a peaceful protest last October.

Mahfouz appealed the sentence, saying that she does not know her accuser, and added that his complaint is vengeful.

The prominent activist also faces a lawsuit filed by 732 people accusing her and other public figures of inciting for the overthrow of the state and the military council. This lawsuit was referred to a military court. 

Last August, Mahfouz was investigated by the military prosecution on charges of defaming Egypt’s military rulers and calling them a “council of dogs.”

She was also charged with incitement to violence after she wrote on her Twitter account that “if the judiciary doesn’t give us our rights, nobody should be surprised if militant groups appear and conduct a series of assassinations, because there is no law and there is no judiciary.”

Egypt’s military rulers later withdrew the case against her. 

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