Askar attends exercise by Second Field Army formation

CAIRO, Oct 1 (MENA) – Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Lieutenant-General Osama Askar attended Sunday a practical demonstration of minor tactics and skills for one of the formations of the Second Field Army within the framework of the combat training plan for formations and units of the Armed Forces.

Major-General Mohammed Rabie — Commander of the Second Field Army — stressed in his speech the keenness of the general command of the armed forces to develop and modernize the methods of combat training within the Armed Forces.

He made a briefing of the various stages of training for the various elements and involved troops from various branches.

At the end of the statement, Askar praised the high performance of the troops participating in the implementation of the statement. He conveyed to the attendees the greetings of Defense Minister Mohammed Zaki.

He also discussed with a number of commanders and officers participating in the optimal method of implementing all measures and taking advantage of them to raise the level of combat efficiency.

Furthermore, Askar called on them to set an example in discipline and dedication in performing their tasks and the full vigilance required to carry out all the tasks assigned to them.

A number of top military brass commanders attended the statement.

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