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Artist puts different countries in Palestine’s shoes

An online, artistic campaign named ‘My Name is Gaza. Do You See Me!!’ has been launched by Palestinian graphic designer Jihad Abdul Haq in an effort to trigger the empathy of the international community towards the Palestinian crisis. 

Through his intriguing artwork, the 26-year-old artist pushed the envelope by presenting imaginative graphics depicting several landmark cities under Israeli rocket fire.  

 Haq employed art as a tool to amplify the voice of Palestinian citizens marginalised by Israeli occupation while providing a sketched portrayal of their everyday suffering. 

“The campaign aims to urge the recipient to imagine if the war has been taken place in his homeland, the little martyr has been his child, and the destructed house has been his own…so how would he feel about that?” Haq told Egypt Independent. 

The artistic campaign displays a number of landmarks located in both Arab and Western countries, including statue of liberty in the US, Eiffel Tower in France, Big Ban in England, the Grand Pyramids in Egypt, Burj Khalifa (Khalifa Tower) in Dubai, and Abraj Al-Kuwait (Kuwait Towers) in Kuwait. 

"This work of art does not carry any political orientation or sabotage Intents, and we wish stability for all countries in the world but…we must stand up and support the people in Gaza in particular and Palestine in general from the door of the human conscience, in order to spread the spirit of love and peace all over the world," Haq wrote on his Behance account.

The campaign proved to be successful, drawing a great deal of attention from social media platforms as well as different media outlets, including Arabic, Western, and even Israeli. 

Millions of Palestinian families have been suffering from lingering oppression at the hands of Israeli occuptaion of the West Bank and Gaza Strip since 1948.

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