Armed men carjack Kafr al-Sheikh governor then return vehicle, he says

Kafr al-Sheikh Governor Saad al-Husseiny said Tuesday that the carjacking of his official vehicle yesterday morning was not politically motivated.

Husseiny told Al-Masry Al-Youm that he was traveling to his hometown of Mahalla in Gharbiya Governorate with his driver and bodyguard when a car cut across their path, forcing them to stop.

Four masked men armed with machine guns approached the car, he said. When the governor told them his identity, the men took the car and all of his belongings, as well as those of his driver and guard, including mobile phones, money and the bodyguard's weapon.

Husseiny said the incident was reported at the local police station.

His relative later called the stolen mobile and one of the perpetrators answered, apologizing for the robbery and saying they had left the car and the bodyguard's weapon on the Mahalla-Kafr al-Sheikh road, the governor told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

He said the robbery took place 2 km before the entrance to Mahalla in an area where he alleges such incidents frequently occur. The incident had nothing to do with his position as a government official or a Muslim Brotherhood leader, he said.

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