Armed clashes erupt between citizens in several Egyptian cities

Due to the absence of police security, armed clashes erupted between citizens in three cities, killing six people and wounding 80 others.

In the city of Port Said, four people died and 65 were wounded in a fight between ex-convicts and thugs. The City General Hospital said casualties could be more, as ex-convicts typically do not seek treatment in hospitals, fearing they would be arrested by police.

Governor Mostafa Abdel Latif evacuated his office and relocated to a tourist resort. He asked the armed forces to increase its presence and restore order or declare a curfew in the city.

In the city of Beni Suef, thugs set fire to two warehouses of the local council, seizing computers and furniture. Police arrested five of them after an exchange of gun fire.

In the city of Minya, two convicts died and 11 others were wounded in clashes lasting two hours with police as thugs tried to storm the city’s jail to free prisoners inside.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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