April 6 Movement: Military council destroying unity of armed forces and people

The April 6 Youth Movement repudiated the 69th statement of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), which accused the movement of driving a wedge between people and the armed forces.

The entity responsible for driving a wedge between the people and the armed forces is the SCAF itself in issuing hostile statements that question the loyalty of those who played a major role in the revolution, said Mohamed Adel, media spokesperson for April 6 Youth Movement Saturday, in a press conference at the headquarters of the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights.
Adel said the military council came to power and derived its legitimacy because of Tahrir Square, so it must listen to the demands of those protesting there. He added that accusations of treason are unacceptable and urged the council to review its tone and language.
Adel said a "peaceful" march from Tahrir Square will head to the military council's headquarters on Saturday afternoon. He denied SCAF member Major General Hassan Rowainy's claim that protesters intend to attack the headquarters with Molotov cocktails during the march.
The SCAF will be fully responsible if any violent clashes take place, or if any suspicious individuals or groups infiltrate the march, Adel said, adding that the march aims to demand the realization of the revolution's goals, particularly the dismissal of the public prosecutor, purging the judiciary of corrupt members, and prosecuting protesters' killers.
He said Egyptians do not question the loyalty of the armed forces, but the rhetoric used by the SCAF was hostile and a threat not only to April 6 Youth Movement but to all Egyptians.
The SCAF uses the methods of the Mubarak regime to distort the image of opposition movements by accusing them of having foreign agendas and receiving foreign funds, said Amr Ali, a leading member of the movement. Ali stressed that April 6 Youth Movement has only one agenda, which is to achieve the demands of the revolution.
The more the military junta's response slows down, the more people will feel that their revolution is at risk, he said, adding that the SCAF's recent statement attempted to cause rifts between civilian political forces.
April 6 Youth Movement revealed that two of its members were scheduled to appear on state television but the interview was canceled for security reasons.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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