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Apple sues several stores in Egypt over using trademark

The Apple corporation has filed lawsuits against phone stores in Egypt accusing them of illegally using Apple’s trademark, the Cairo 24 news website reported on Monday, which include the “Mody Store” in the Mohandiseen area.

The company said in its lawsuit that it noticed several shops trespassing against its copyright, and has opted to take legal action.

In its lawsuit, Apple explained that it follows all laws and principles regarding the protection of intellectual property rights.

It added that it owns the trademark Apple, which is registered and internationally used in the majority of the world’s member countries to the World Trade Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organization and inside Egypt.

The company explained that according to these registrations, Apple’s trademarks enjoy legal protection in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 82 of 2002, which enables it alone to use its trademarks and prevents others from violating this right.

Imitation of this trademark by any other party is an intentional crime, it warned.

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