Antitrust: GM’s Cruze and Captiva recall excludes Egypt

General Motors Egypt announced that the global recall of the Cruze and Captiva models does not include Egypt. According to the company, no defects were reported by Egyptian consumers in the two models.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Antitrust Authority requested that General Motors apply the same international standards to Egyptian consumers in case defects are reported.

GM said the models that were recalled abroad were right hand drives, a style that is not sold in Egypt. Moreover, according to GM, the Captiva models that were recalled were produced elsewhere before 2009, the year the model was first produced locally.

Antitrust Authority CEO confirmed that he did not receive any complaints about those two models in Egypt, The authority’s president, Saeed el-Alfy, said GM assured him that it would fully answer any queries by the Egyptian consumers about their cars, and that GM would keep the authority advised of any developments.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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