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Amr Adib says will take Mohamed Ramadan to court

Amr Adib is filing a lawsuit against Mohamed Ramadan over charges of slander

Egyptian media host Amr Adib announced Sunday that he is filing a lawsuit against Mohamed Ramadan over charges of slander after Ramadan uploaded various satirical videos online mocking Adib.

“Today, I asked my attorney to file a case against the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, and any money I would take from Ramadan, I’ll bring it to the (Abu al-Rish) Children’s Hospital,” Adib said.

This follows recent criticism from Adib towards Ramadan following a court ruling ordering that actor pay LE six million in compensation to pilot Ashraf Aboul Yousr.

Ramadan was shown in a video throwing money in the swimming pool, which prompted Adib to comment, “People struggling to get some and you throw it … even if it is fake.”

Adib addressed Ramadan, saying: “This country has a law that applies to everyone… It’s the problem of some people that they become accustomed to taking life impulsively, and they feel that they are supported.”

He continued: “I don’t have a problem in disagreeing with anyone in anything, but when we reach the impoliteness, the law remains the one that rules.”

On Wednesday, the Cairo Economic Court awarded pilot Ashraf Aboul Yousr with LE6 million in his lawsuit against Egyptian actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan, wherein Aboul Yousr demand LE25 million in damages.

The lawyer representing Aboul Yousr, Magdy Helmy, stated that his client suffered material and moral damages after Ramadan published a picture on social media in a plane’s cockpit in October 2019.

The lawsuit alleges that Ramadan used the image to promote his new song “Mesh Batfatesh fel Matar” (I am Not Searched at the Airport), which included the image of him piloting the plane.