Amonsito workers continue protest, criticize Manpower minister

Egyptian Minister of Manpower and Migration Aisha Abdel Hadi has been criticized by textile workers Amonsito company for ignoring their open-ended strike, launched two days ago, and failing to resolve their ongoing dispute over retirement packages.

The workers criticized the minister for ceding to Banque Misr–the company’s creditor who is now responsible for Amonsito’s liquidation–who has only agreed to pay the workers LE50 million, rather than the LE106 million agreed to earlier this year.

According to the original agreement,  workers who have served at the company for over 20 years would receive three months worth of their regular salary for each year they have worked, while those who have worked under 20 years would get the equivalent of four months per year.

The workers have been demanding compensation for their lost jobs after their company closed down and the owner fled Egypt three years ago.

“Whoever made you promises should pay you,” Abdel Hadi said, referring Zakareya Azmi, presidential chief of staff, and Hussein Megawer, president of Egyptian Trade Union Federation ETUF, whom she said the workers should approach for the addition LE50 million.

Workers said they would continue their strike until Azmi and Megawer return from their travels in order to reach a final solution.

In related news, Abdel Hadi held a meeting yesterday with workers dismissed from the Tanta Flax and Oil company, during which she convinced them to agree to an early retirement package worth LE50,000, regardless of their seniority.

The minister also asserted that if the workers reject the compensation and file lawsuits against the Saudi investor, they may lose in court and end up with nothing.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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