Alexandria policeman beats, sodomizes driver, says group

An Egyptian human rights group on Saturday reported an incident of torture in an Alexandria police station under the supervision of a police officer allegedly linked to the killing of Khaled Saeed last year.

Saeed's murder was one of the factors that sparked the 25 January revolution which forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign.

Captian Emad Abdel Zaher was the head of the criminal investigative unit at Sidi Gaber Police Station. Two of the station's low-ranking policemen are currently being tried for killing Saeed, who died in Alexandria on 6 June, 2010, after being beaten to death by police officers in broad daylight.

The indictment currently being examined did not include Abdel Zaher, who is now implicated in new torture allegations.

The Nadeem Center for the Rehabilitation of Violence and Torture Victims said in a statement that a force from Mina al-Basal police station arrested a microbus driver called Emad Abdel Azim, 33, on 5 September, and took him to the station where he was beaten and sodomized. 

The center said Abdel Azim had previously received a prison sentence of five years, and was on probation, which meant he could be summoned to the police station at any time.

It added that Abdel Azim said he reported to the police station after the revolution, as he had done previously, but staff told him that the surveillance was suspended.

According to the statement, Abdel Azim said that at Mina Al-Basal police station on 5 September, Abdel Zaher beat him before ordering detectives to remove his clothes and sodomize him with a pen several times, causing injuries.

The statement said Abdel Zaher, among others, has reportedly been involved in torture crimes on numerous occasions.

He was accused of torturing Khalil Ibrahim and his breaking his foot in 2008, and of indecently assaulting Ahmed Mohamed Salah.

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