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Al-Azhar takes on atheism with new social media initiative

The Al-Azhar World Center for Electronic Fatwa has launched an independent page on Facebook called “Bayan” to counter atheism and secular thought.

The page aims to provide safe avenue for dialogue with young minds, protect them from religious misinterpretation, and help them navigate faith in the current digital age.

A number of members of the center and professors from Al-Azhar University and Egyptian universities specializing in creed and philosophy, Islamic jurisprudence, psychology, sociology, mental health, and other different specializations will work on the content provided on the social media platform.

It aims to serve as a credible resource for those seeking accurate information about Islam and its laws, proactively addressing issues raised on social media and in the media.

Furthermore, the page will be a hub for specialized awareness programs, all presented in a clear and engaging way. It will deliver essential information through electronic and media campaigns designed to be easily understood by young audiences.

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