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Al-Azhar stresses that Islam forbids non-justified violence following murder of two Israeli tourists in Alexandria

The Al-Azhar Fatwa Global Center issued a statement regarding the murder of two Israeli tourists in Alexandria by an Egyptian policeman.

“Islam does not permit any harm to be done to a person to whom the state grants a visa to enter its lands. Under this visa, the [visitor] has the right to security and safety, and society guarantees [their] safety and cooperates in protecting them and preserving their blood, whether they are Muslim or a non-Muslim,” the center explained.

Islamic Sharia differentiates between the right of the oppressed to defend themselves and their land, and attacking a protected person whom the state has allowed to enter the country, the statement said.

Under Sharia, those protected include students, foreigners, ambassadors, merchants, and tourists, the center stated.

The Al-Azhar Fatwa Global Center warned against being led by extremist ideas that negatively affect the stability and security of society.

An Egyptian security source said on Sunday that an Egyptian policeman fired at an Israeli tourist group in the Amoud al-Sawari area, in Alexandria, killing two Israeli tourists and an Egyptian tour guide, and wounding one Israeli tourist.

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