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Al-Azhar expresses solidarity with Nantes’ Mostafa Mohamed

The Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism expressed its solidarity on Monday with Egyptian football player Mostafa Mohamed, after the French football club Nantes imposed a fine on him because of his refusal to participate in a campaign to support homosexuality.

The Observatory said that the sports sector, among others, has become supporters and advocates of these immoral ideas and behaviors.

It warned of those who have used stadiums and other platforms as a bridge to spread their intellectual poison under the cover of freedom, diversity, and support for the other, even if this difference conflicts with religion.

The Observatory noted a clear contradiction among these people – for while they demand respect for freedom of belief they also force those who reject their ideals to submit to actions that will contradict their religious beliefs.

The Al-Azhar Observatory thus said this is why it demands the provision of a sports environment that respects human instinct and the religious beliefs of player, and to avoid using stadiums to spread such harmful ideals.

The Nantes club, which is struggling to avoid relegation to the second division in the French League, announced the imposition of a fine on Mohamed after he refused to wear a shirt bearing the slogan of the campaign led by the French League to support LGBT community.

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