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Al-Ahly faces off against Modern Future on Thursday at the Egyptian Super Cup final

The Al-Ahly Sporting Club is set to face off with its counterpart Modern Future in the finals of the Egyptian Super Cup, after defeating Ceramica Cleopatra in the semi-finals of the same tournament.

The Ahly vs Modern Future showdown will take place in the final match on Thursday, at seven pm Cairo time (eight pm Mecca time/nine pm Abu Dhabi time).

Ahly conquered Ceramica Cleopatra with a clean goal in the match that brought them together on Monday, at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in UAE during the semi-finals of the Egyptian Super Cup.

Ahly’s goal was scored by Ceramica’s Justice Arthur by mistake, after a through pass from Imam Ashour from inside the penalty area.

Modern Future qualified for the final match for the first time in its history after defeating Pyramids on penalties with a score of (14-13), setting a date to face off against Ahly.

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