Al-Adly denies ordering live fire against protesters, burning State Security documents

The Supreme State Security Prosecution summoned for the third time former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly, to interrogate him about ordering the use of live ammunition against protesters, the withdrawal of police forces, and the release of prison inmates, in an alleged attempt to terrorize protesters.

The prosecution confronted al-Adly with the testimonies of his top assistants Major General Adly Fayed, former assistant to the interior minister for public security, Major General Ismail Al Shaer,  former assistant  to the interior minister and the director of Cairo security, Major General Ahmed Ramzy, former assistant to the interior minister for the Central Security Sector, and Major General Hassan Abdel Rahman, the former assistant to the interior minister for State Security. Al-Adly denied giving orders to use live ammunition against demonstrators.

Al-Adly said during the investigations conducted by the Supreme State Security Prosecution, headed by Hisham Badawi, that he held a meeting with his top assistants on 24 January, ahead of demonstrations planned for 25 January, and he ordered them not to use live ammunition against protesters and to take the weapons from all officers who would be patrolling the streets that day.

Al-Adly's defense lawyer said that since mobile services were suspended throughout the country on 28 January, the claims of Al-Adly's assistants that he gave them verbal orders over the phone to use live ammunition against protesters were false.

In his testimony, Abdel Rahman said that Al-Adly ordered him to get rid of all documents that contain important information and belong to State Security.

Al-Adly denied that allegation and said that he was imprisoned two weeks before the incident and hadn't seen Abdel Rahman or talked to him since 28 January.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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