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Ahmed Mourad’s ‘Mawsem Sayd al-Ghizlan’ to be adapted into movie

Egyptian writer and novelist Ahmed Mourad’s novel “Mawsem Sayd al-Ghizlan” (Deer Hunting Season) will be adapted into a movie soon, Mourad announced.

The movie will take place in the future, mixing reality and imagination to tell a thrilling story full of suspense, he explained.

Dramatic adjustments were introduced to the story to better suit its adaptation into cinema, he said, but assured the details of the plot and characters will remain faithful – though the author promised a surprise for those familiar with the book.

On transforming his literary writings into cinema, Mourad said that writing a narrative text differs greatly from writing a cinema script, as the novel conveys feelings through the literary style and dialogue, while the script is an art-form linked to the camera.

“Mawsem Sayd al-Ghizlan” is the sixth novel by Mourad, published by Dar al-Shorouk publishing house in 2017, and his sixth to be adapted into a film.

In 2014, Mourad’s “Al-Feel al-Azraq” (The Blue Elephant) was turned into a film, and a sequel released in 2019.

Other movies based on his novels were “Al-Asleyeen” (The Originals) in 2017, “Torab al-Mas” (Diamond Dust) in 2018, and finally his “1919” novel which was adopted into the “Kira Wal Gin” movie in 2022.

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