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Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki to co-star in ‘Wish wa Dahr’ movie

Actor Ahmed Helmy announced an upcoming movie he wrote himself, where he is set to star alongside his wife Mona Zaki.

“I am currently writing two films, one called “Aroos w Areesa” (Bride and Groom), and a second one under the temporary name “Wish wa Dahr” (Front and Back), which I wrote nine years ago,” Helmy said on Monday evening in an interview on Energy 92.1 radio station, with hosts Wael Mansour and Menna Amer.

Helmy said that he runs his business himself, and his accounts on social media through which he expresses what he wants to talk about, with a little help from another person.

Helmy answered a question about whether he would present a horror movie or a different genre other than comedy, saying, “Oh, of course, I can play any role. I am always trying to present something that affects the audience and makes them think that everything is about points of view. When I am offered a film that does not present this, I don’t like to do it. Humanitarian issues are many and very important.”

The actor stated that he loves “black comedy…because I draw, paint, and meditate. Abstracting things has an artistic look, maybe that’s why I like this.”

“Someone may be always silent but at the same time l laugh very rigidly like Naguib Al-Rihani or Duraid Lahham who present top comedy, but when you meet them, you don’t find them any similar to what they present,” he continued.

Regarding his ability to maintain communication with the different segments and age groups of the audience, Helmy said, “I play on the classics in comedy. And I depend on verbal efficacy more than the human attitude.”

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