Agriculture Ministry: The locust situation is ‘under control’

The locust situation in the border area between Egypt and Sudan is "under control" and does not pose a danger at the time, according to an official report issued by the General Administration for Locust Control of the Agriculture Ministry on Wednesday.

The report, which was presented to Agriculture Minister Salah Mohamed Abdel Momen, stated that the monitoring committees conduct exploration work and take appropriate measures to combat any swarms of locusts coming from Sudan immediately.

He said that it on Tuesday, locust control was completed in an area of ​​310 acres in Khor Creek area in Abu Simbel, Hamra Dom in Shalatin, and Ber al-Gahlin in North Shalatin.

Abdel Momen said in a press statement on Wednesday, after returning from the cabinet meeting, that the control committees continue to do their work while on high alert, according to the procedures approved by the ministry, to reduce the risk of locusts.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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